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Chinese Delegation Visits Centre for South Asian Studies
Chinese Delegation Visits Centre for South Asian Studies

A three member Chinese delegation from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing-China visited Centre for South Asian Studies (CSAS) University of the Punjab, Lahore on June 3, 2024. The delegation included Dr.Tong Tao, Senior Researcher, Dr. Li Dongdong, Associate Researcher and Dr. Ai Wanqiao, Assistant Researcher. It was accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Hameed, Associate Professor from Archeology Department, University of the Punjab, Lahore. Prof. Dr. Naheed S. Goraya, Director CSAS welcomed the distinguished guests. Dr. Goraya discussed that South Asia is home to one of the first urbanized societies, over 40 World Heritage sites, and some of the 21st century's largest megacities. The CSAS has the potential to start collaborative critical research with Academy of Social Science. She said that the interdisciplinary nature of archaeology and South Asian studies allows for a comprehensive understanding of the region's rich cultural heritage and historical development. Dr. Tong said that an understanding of the history of the practice and theory of archaeology in South Asia is crucial for understanding the development of the discipline, and this has become increasingly important. The delegation also discussed CPEC that enhances Pakistan's strategic importance by strengthening its ties with China, a major global power. Dr. Goraya was of the view that it also increases Pakistan's geo-political significance as a key player in regional connectivity and economic development initiatives. The delegation showed keen interest in future collaborative work with the CSAS as South Asia is rich in archaeological sites spanning thousands of years of human history.